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Temporary wage increase for direct support workers

As of October 1, 2020, the Ontario government is funding a temporary wage increase for eligible workers who provide personal support services. This includes temporary support to people and families who pay for services from eligible direct support workers with funding from the following direct funding programs:

·        Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

·        Enhanced Respite

·        Ontario Autism Program Childhood Budgets and Interim One-time Funding

·        Passport

·        Special Services at Home

Visit the links above to learn more about how to get this temporary support!

Effective April 1st, 2020, important, temporary changes have been put in place for recipients of direct funding under the Special Services at Home (SSAH) and Passport programs.

The Ontario government is committed to supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak. To help Passport and SSAH recipients and their families during this challenging time, the Ontario government is making temporary changes to expand admissible expenditures under the Passport and SSAH programs.

For more information about this and other important, temporary changes that may affect you, please visit:

Temporary Changes to Passport
Temporary Changes to SSAH

If you have any questions, please contact your local Passport agency or local Regional Office.


MyDirectPlan is your online tool to manage your Passport and SSAH Funding!

Designed with families and community agencies, MyDirectPlan is all about making your life
easier by simplifying the process of recording, tracking, and submitting expenses.

See the status of your submissions in real time.

MDP has the potential to contribute to overall efficiencies in receiving and processing claims and improving communication between government agencies and families thereby helping money to be directed to those who need it most – the families caring for their adult loved ones.

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Keep records of your expenses, all in one safe place.

It will keep a record of my daughter’s life and expenses for when I will not be able to look after all of this… when I retire it will be easy for someone to check wherever they are and to continue the payments and submissions.

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Submit expenses with the click of a button.

When you have a child or adult with special needs, you are bombarded with forms and applications for services. If you are not organized (and even if you are) it is so easy
to be confused.

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Setup only takes a minute

About Us

MyDirectPlan (MDP) is an online tool designed to help you manage your Special Services at Home (SSAH), Passport, and Residential funding. MDP was developed especially for the Developmental Services sector as a free and secure alternative to time-consuming paper submissions. No more stamps, delivery or faxing. No more calculations, date omissions, forgotten signatures or receipts. MDP is tailored to make it easy for you to manage expenses and to save you time!

We provide a streamlined system for monthly and annual budget forecasting, expenditure tracking, service delivery, and reporting. MDP’s online service system will guide recipients of Passport and SSAH Funding, families, and support workers through the submission process using an efficient and clear approach.

As of April 1st 2020, MyDirectPlan is now owned and operated by Community Living Toronto (CLTO)! CLTO is a leading not-for-profit organization that brings with it a long history of fostering inclusive communities and supporting the rights and choices of people with intellectual disabilities. CLTO and MyDirectPlan are proud to be part of the ongoing transformation of the Developmental Services system into one that promotes greater independence for Direct Funding recipients and their families.

How MyDirectPlan Helps Individuals and Families

MyDirectPlan (MDP) is the result of years of study and consultation with Recipients of direct funding and their families. Through research and discussion, MDP identified the need for a simple, fast, secure alternative to traditional paper-based methods for submitting claims.

With MyDirectPlan you can submit your invoices to your funding agency for reimbursement with a click of a button! You’ll have access to amazing tools that help you to budget, stay organized, and keep your records and invoices in one safe place. You can access MDP from any computer or tablet with an internet connection and feel confident that your personal information is secure with the protective security incorporated into our application. We even provide live weekday and weekend support through telephone and email if you have questions or need a hand getting set up.

Spend less time managing your expenses with MyDirectPlan so you can spend more time doing what you love!

How MyDirectPlan Helps Agencies

MyDirectPlan (MDP) helps Passport Agencies, SSAH Agencies, and Service Provider Agencies easily input, manage, and expedite expense reimbursements on behalf of their Recipients.

With full visibility of all their Recipients, Agency staff members can view Budget Allocations and current utilization assigned by each individual as well as across their entire organization at a glance. Through the online portal, staff can easily edit Recipient information and download key Reports at any time.

Our Expense Management Tool allows Agencies to bulk upload invoices accurately and securely throughout the month. MDP syncs directly to the PassportONE electronic database, which means that all users (including Agencies) can view real-time status updates on every Passport submission. This new feature also automatically flags invoice submissions that may require further action, allowing staff members to address these cases as efficiently as possible.


Don’t see the answer you’re looking for below?
Check out the MyDirectPlan Knowledge Base for answers to your questions on
managing support workers, expenses, and your account.

What is MyDirectPlan?

MyDirectPlan is a free online tool designed to help you manage your Special Services at Home (SSAH), Passport and Residential funding. MyDirectPlan allows you to manage expenses, submit invoices electronically to your funding agency (Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Regional Office or Passport Agency) and view your funding balance from your free account.

How do I register for my free MyDirectPlan account?

To register for your free MyDirectPlan account, click on the ‘Create your Free Account’ button. Sign up only takes a minute and you will be directed through the necessary steps. 

What is a Recipient?

For SSAH, the Recipient is the child with a developmental and/or physical disability who has been approved for SSAH Funding. For Passport, the Recipient is the adult with a developmental disability who has been approved for Passport Funding. 

What is a Fund Administrator/Person Managing Funds?

For SSAH, the Fund Administrator is the parent/primary caregiver who is managing the child’s funding and whose signature is being placed on the invoice. For Passport and Residential, the Person Managing Funds is an individual who is managing the funding and whose signature is being placed on the reimbursement forms. This could be the Recipient or another individual such as the parent/caregiver.

Should I register as a Fund Administrator or as a Recipient?

If you are an adult with a developmental disability that has been approved for Passport Funding, you will register for a Recipient account. If you are managing the SSAH or Passport funding on behalf of the Recipient that has been approved for SSAH or Passport Funding, you will register for a Fund Administrator account.

Why do I have to register my workers on MyDirectPlan

Your Passport claim form requires a signature from the worker to verify that they have worked the hours listed. In MDP, instead of asking the worker for a physical signature on the claim form, they log into their worker account on MDP and digitally approve the expenses entered by the Recipient or Fund Administrator. This then allows MyDirectPlan to place an electronic signature on the claim form so it can be submitted for reimbursement.

I just moved to a new address. Will updating my profile information in MyDirectPlan update my address at my Ministry Regional Office or Passport Agency?

No. The MyDirectPlan system is not directly connected with your funding agency’s system (Ministry Regional Office or Passport Agency). Any changes to your personal details (ex. phone number, address, banking information) need to be reported directly by you to your funding agency.

What web browsers does MyDirectPlan support?

There are many browsers available, depending on your device. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari. We always recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version to ensure optimal performance.

Upgrading to a newer browser will mean…

• it will be faster to browse the internet
• you’ll see more features on many websites
• better user experience
• improved online security